An ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company

Guiding Principles Of unify


Sharing should progressively become 'wide and deep' with more customer facing and nontraditional services delivered via sharing. All units within the organization will make use of shared services facilities.


Measurements and bench marking will be used to evaluate
the performance of the shared services.


Standard approaches will be adopted such that all shared service center operations and bought services can be readily combined or reconfigured. Reinvention and duplication will be avoided where ever possible.

Services and service management:

The service delivery will be designed to the customer centric with a focus on excellent customer service. The relationship between the business and shared service center will be managed as a commercial relationship.

Value creation:

Deliver efficient and effective operations by creating value by itself and also help create further value by freeing up resources to focus on strategic and higher value added activities.

Economies of Scale:

Shared services operations should serve at least a fixed number of human resources agreed jointly by the business, it and shared services.

People and Culture:

Invest in people to develop a multi skilled work force that is motivated, efficient and flexible to meet operational needs and provide a work environment that is conducive to continuous professional development.


Shared services will optimize investment, using existing capacity and capability within the organization where appropriate.


Identify collective buying opportunities and aggressively pursue them.