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Infrastructure & DBA service

The most demanding businesses are faced with challenges to create and maintain agile and resilient IT infrastructures that are straightforward and cost–effective, while also delivering seamless services to enhance business performance.

At Unify Solutions, our IT Infrastructure Consulting and Database Administration teams delivers comprehensive and robust solutions to help you streamline end-to-end infrastructure management from cost reduction, optimization and transformation opportunities to the design and implementation of new solutions with measurable long-term benefits.

Unify supports 24x7 Technical Support for network connectivity, server hardware maintenance, Operating System and patch management

The core of almost every application is a database. Databases are the engines that drive your business, from the day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making. It takes the right blend of experience skills and tools to keep an organization's database systems running smoothly.

Unify offers cost-effective, high-quality and round the clock DBA service in the areas of Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and UDB. We achieve this through our onsite-offshore model service offering that is designed specifically to meet the database maintenance and management needs of the Organization. Unify's expert DBAs professionals have the experience and skill sets you need to ensure that your database environments are high-performance, highly-secured and highly-available.